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PIMSyS is our core product and offers a complete solution for pipeline operators to effectively monitor their pipeline assets.

At the heart of PIMSyS is our monitoring service, which delivers information packages to you on a regular basis. This information shows all potential threats in your pipeline management area.

The monitoring information is presented in our software platform, which is available for both desktops and tablets. The user interface is designed to be powerful yet easy to use. You will find various controls and tools to quickly discover and inspect potential threats and other locations that require your attention. With PIMSyS you can easily focus your inspection efforts to where it is really needed.

Our goal is to provide you with quality information services that are reliable and easy to use. Therefore, each PIMSyS subscription also comes with extensive support and a training session so we can guarantee you get the most out of PIMSyS.

About our technology



  • Fully automated, so objective and impartial
  • Based on earth observation by satellites: safe and sustainable
  • Independent from weather and operates day and night
  • Lower costs than for any other surveying method currently available
  • Modern and flexible: fits in any IT infrastructure
  • Always access to the most up-to-date and complete integrity management information

Key features of PIMSyS

  • Automatically get the latest monitoring information
  • Directly assess and manage threats detected by PIMSyS
  • Manage and respond to planned third-party activities
  • Create clear and simple management reports
  • See spatial relations with our map and satellite views
  • Integrate all relevant integrity management information (such as inspections and cathodic protection data)
  • Manage all information in one simple application

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