Monitoring critical infrastructure

Orbital Eye offers solutions for monitoring critical infrastructure such as transmission pipelines, roads, railways and powerlines. Our solutions are based on space technology and provide a safe, reliable and sustainable way to monitor your assets.

Pipeline integrity management from space

PIMSyS is a complete solution for reliable and cost-effective pipeline monitoring. It combines accurate and up-to-date monitoring data with smart tools for planned third-party activities and inspection planning. Developed as the core product of Orbital Eye, PIMSyS shows pipeline operators exactly where and when potential hazards occur.

Our suite is based on a data subscription service and comes with dedicated apps for desktop and tablet computers.

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With PIMSyS you can

  • Monitor your pipeline assets anytime and anywhere, independent of the actual length of your pipeline system
  • Detect safety incidents earlier and more effectively
  • Analyse threats and manage third-party interference efficiently
  • Perform evidence-based inspection: only inspect when and where there is evidence for potential threats
  • Facilitate the communication between the office and field crews by sharing all relevant and up-to-date integrity management information

Solving today's challenges

Pipeline operators are faced with numerous challenges: how to monitor hundreds to thousands of kilometres of pipelines in a fast and cost-effective way? How to detect threats in an early stage, both in crowded or completely deserted areas? How to prioritise inspection activities in a sensible and sustainable way? How to make monitoring independent from weather conditions?

Orbital Eye aims to solve these challenges by developing smart pipeline monitoring solutions. With PIMSyS, we focus on reliable and relevant monitoring information that helps you to reduce the number of safety issues. At an affordable price, anytime and anywhere, secure and sustainable.

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