Orbital Eye BV was founded in 2012, by a team of remote sensing specialists and machine learning experts with the vision that the traditional aerial inspection methods based on helicopters will be replaced by satellite observations. Orbital Eye has built a unique capability to automatically process thousands of square kilometers of radar and optical satellite images on a daily basis, in order to map anomalies, events, or changes in general, close to assets and infrastructure. The sensors onboard of satellites deliver a very consistent data quality which is processed, georeferenced, compared and analysed by Orbital Eye’s proprietary detection and filter algorithms which are validated to distinguish relevant changes from irrelevant changes. Orbital Eye’s services are offered as a Data Subscription service, hence require no pre-investments from the customer.

From our headquarters in Delft, Orbital Eye provides Monitoring & Inspection Services: cost effective, highly accurate and up-to-date information on WHAT has changed, WHERE, and WHEN in your Areas of Interest or Right of Way. These alerts are automatically uploaded and reported to inspectors, asset managers or HSE officers, together with context information, offering maximum situational awareness. Our Earth Observation based Monitoring Solutions are non-intrusive, intrinsically safe and sustainable.

Orbital Eye is a member of the S[&]T group, which gives it direct access to over 100 specialists in earth observation, big data processing and software engineering.