• The Future of Pipeline Monitoring


One of the largest causes of incidents in the pipeline corridor are Third Party Interferences, such as excavation or building activities. Monitoring these Third Party Interferences was traditionally carried out by aerial patrol or by inspection on the ground, cost- and labour intensive methods. Orbital Eye has developed a safer, more reliable and more sustainable method to monitor critical infrastructure: COSMIC-EYE. This radar-satellite based solution is a complete tool to keep an eye on pipeline corridors, anywhere in the world!


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    Radar Satellite

    COSMIC-EYE makes use of radar satellites that scan the pipeline corridor multiple times per week on a global scale. The use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data has many advantages such as its ability to capture data day or night and see through clouds. Furthermore we use multispectral (optical) satellites to better classify the observed changes. COSMIC-EYE automatically downloads and processes these images

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    AI Intelligence

    COSMIC-EYE applies an AI-assisted processing of satellite imagery and other geo-referenced data to recognise potential threats


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    Potential threats are reported to pipeline operators in an intuitive application. During field inspections, operators can see all available information in the tablet version. All data produced by COSMIC-EYE can also be directly integrated into customers’ GIS applications


The COSMIC-EYE technology has been developed by a team of machine-learning and remote sensing specialist. Over the years, the COSMIC-EYE technology has been validated through multiple studies and pilots, and multiple benefits have been proven to and confirmed by customers

Easily scalable

COSMIC-EYE can monitor thousands of kilometers of critical infrastructure

Competitive costs

Smart combination of radar- and optical satellite data enable competitive costs compared to other monitoring methods

Low false alarm rate

Intelligent algorithms filter out irrelevant activities

Multi-platform support

The COSMIC-EYE application can be used on multiple platforms

Integration into current workflow

The Orbital Eye team will make sure that COSMIC-EYE is seamlessly integrated into current workflows

Safe and Secure

The COSMIC-EYE software meets all safety and security standards

Benefits radar satellites

The COSMIC-EYE technology is mainly based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. The benefits of using SAR data contribute to making COSMIC-EYE the monitoring technology of the future


Zero emission and no incident-risk

Frequent monitoring

Radar satellites monitor the pipeline corridor multiple times per week

High Reliability

Radar satellites are weather- and daylight independent

COSMIC-EYE: Change Detection

The COSMIC-EYE technology uses change detection algorithms to detect Third Party Interferences in the pipeline corridor.

The radar satellite scans the pipeline corridor again, and generates another image. COSMIC-EYE compares a stack of radar images and checks if any changes occurred. Based on this analysis, a change map is automatically produced.

The radar satellite scans the pipeline corridor and a radar image is generated

Classical- and AI-based filtering of irrelevant changes

Intelligent algorithms filter out irrelevant changes, such as parking activities and traffic. After filtering, an updated change map is generated and changes that could potentially damage the pipeline are reported

COSMIC-EYE produces a change map with all changes that are detected in the pipeline corridor

For locations where an activity is detected that could potentially damage the pipeline, data from optical satellites is acquired. This enables the customer to analyse the location of the TPI from the office

Optical data of location before detected event

Optical data of location after detected event

See how satellite-based pipeline monitoring works: request a demo

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Are you interested in the performance of COSMIC-EYE compared to traditional monitoring methods? In this Whitepaper, written for the ‘Pipeline Technology Conference 2021 Berlin’ you can find an extensive overview of the results of historical studies and operational pilots

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