Company’s Field Visits: Experiencing COSMIC-EYE Outdoors!

Summer🌞😎 …,

the perfect time for traveling🚞, beaches⛱, swimming🏊‍♀️, hiking🏔, cocktails🍸, partying💃 and ice-cream🍧…

… but also the ideal time for company field visits! 👷‍♂️🚧

Again this summer, many of our employees went into the field together with some of our customers to visit locations reported by our Third-Party Interference (TPI) Monitoring Solution: COSMIC-EYE. Experiencing first hand the quality of our reports, what it is like to use our application in the wild and to collect a lot of valuable feed-back from its daily field users.

Without exceptions, these field visits are always very much appreciated, both by the customer and as well as by our employees, and are crucial in building and maintaining the great relationschip with our customer base.

And, if we are really honest, of course they are also a great excuse to get out of the office and enjoy the summer even more 😎