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Situational Awareness under all weather conditions

Today we highlight the radar based capabilities of CoSMiC-EYE. The radar cuts through the clouds and provides situational awareness under any circumstances. Often clouds obscure the view of optical satellites, as was the case at this location in the Netherlands on the 7th of April. On the last cloudless image of the 2nd of March […]

TPI Tuesday – New Crane Detected

CoSMiC-EYE allows monitoring works over extended periods of time. Here, a zone located next to a gas pipeline in Paris was being monitored for ground leveling activities, which present a potential danger to pipelines. A crane has recently been installed in the area, and new structures are arising in that location. CoSMiC-EYE alerts gas operators […]

TPI Tuesday – Kingsday Edition 👑

This week we present a very Dutch TPI Tuesday, as tomorrow we are celebrating the birthday of our king, Willem-Alexander, in the Netherlands! It’s a national holiday, where the streets will be filled with orange-dressed people and decorations! 🤴🏻 🇳🇱 In this TPI Tuesday, you can see another very Dutch aspect, namely the tulip fields […]

TPI Tuesday – Easter Edition 🐰🥚

Usually, CoSMiC-EYE detects construction activities or excavators close to pipeline networks – but sometimes we also have very special detections. For one of our customers, we had detected an object close to the pipeline with the radar satellites, which was hard to recognize in the optical imagery. However, after an on-site visit by the operators […]

TPI Tuesday – Monitoring long-lasting groundworks: SAR edition

Last week’s TPI-Tuesday showed a long-lasting road construction activity. This week, we would like to display the radar data that accompanied this activity. The change detection of the CoSMiC-EYE system is currently primarily based on SAR data. For the classification of the changes, we use optical images. CoSMiC-EYE is thus perfectly capable of monitoring the […]

TPI Tuesday – Monitoring long-lasting groundworks

One of the advantages of using CoSMiC-EYE as a monitoring technology is that construction sites can easily be monitored over longer periods of time. The groundworks that are shown in today’s TPI Tuesday started end of 2020, and are still ongoing. In the optical imagery, available in the CoSMiC-EYE application, it can easily be seen […]

Internship alert!

Would you like to do an internship at a fast-growing high-tech company, where your work will directly contribute to this growth? Do you like working in an international team? Then check out the available internships at Orbital Eye. Currently, we have the following internship positions open: – R&D internship – UI/UX Design internship – Business […]

TPI Tuesday – Monitoring of airport

Conventional monitoring methods such as helicopters or new drone surveys can’t monitor the Right-of-Way near airports as they would interfere with the runways and air traffic control. Generally, no-fly zones are enforced near airfields. Satellites are therefore the optimal solution to monitor airports because pipelines do not stop once the no-fly zones start.  

TPI Tuesday – Road works detected

In today’s TPI Tuesday we present a case of large road works detected in the city of Paris. The use of satellite-based optical images allows for the monitoring of the evolution of such large works overtime by pipeline operators on the field, to identify potential new threats to the pipeline, linked to the same large […]