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Dredging activity detected

Today we present another activity detected by our satellite-based monitoring solution CoSMiC-EYE: dredging. Dredging activities can have a significant impact on pipelines, causing damage and disruption to operations and therefore need to be monitored closely by pipeline operators. Through the analysis of multi-spectral data from the Sentinel-2 satellite, we detected the dredging activity shown in […]

Tasking optimization of high-resolution satellites

Orbital Eye uses 2 types of satellite data for effective pipeline monitoring; Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and optical data. A high temporal SAR analysis is performed for the full pipeline network to detect Third Party Interferences (TPIs) near the network. Disadvantage of SAR? You can detect a change, but not always the exact cause. So […]

Christmas arrived in Delft!

Last Saturday, the yearly Christmas market at Science [&] Technology took place. This year, Orbital Eye treated all visitors with wine, cheese, and other delicacies, & all visitors went home with a customized Orbital Eye frisbee! 🍷 🧀 Thanks to all colleagues, partners and customers for visiting, it was great fun!! 😊  

Orbital Eye joined GESIP meeting in Paris

Today, Ana Stavreva and Arnaud van den Berg visited Paris to give a presentation about Orbital Eye and CoSMiC-EYE at the Gesip, the organization that sets the industry standards for transport pipeline operators. It was great to see many French pipeline operators join the meeting and to discuss with them how CoSMiC-EYE could add value […]

Terravisie Project – Detection of malpractises and environmental crime

Did you know that Orbital Eye’s core technology, to detect relevant activities in SAR satellite data, has many more impactful applications than just pipeline monitoring? One example is the Earth Observation (EO) based monitoring solution Terravisie, which is aimed at monitoring large scale earthworks at a national scale to detect malpractises and environmental crime. Orbital […]

Working on MIT project with our partner Ellipsis Drive

Yesterday we visited our partner Ellipsis Drive in their offices in Ede to work together on the final stages of our MIT cooperation grant funded by the Provincie Zuid-Holland. In this project, our expertise on applying machine learning to satellite data for monitoring solutions is combined with Ellipsis’ expertise on efficient infrastructure solutions for storing […]

Orbital Eye visited Enagas in Spain

Yesterday, Elizabeth Antonopoulou, Ana Stavreva and Arnaud van den Berg visited Enagás at its headquarters in Madrid, where they discussed the current, and future partnership, between Enagas and Orbital Eye. We were happy to finally meet our Enagás contacts, Ignacio de Cea Sarabia and Carlos Gómez Campo in person and enjoy some tapas y cervezas […]

10-year anniversary celebration in France!

Last weekend, we all went together on a trip to northern France to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Orbital Eye with the team. We strengthened the bond between each other while learning a lot about French history. Three days full of emotions and unforgettable memories like indoor skydiving, a city tour in Lille, tasting French […]

Benefits of Satellite Based Pipeline Monitoring #8 Sustainability

The main reason for pipeline operators to monitor their pipeline network for Third Party Interferences is because they want to prevent incidents that could hinder product delivery, cause environmental damages, or pose a threat to nearby communities. However, if aerial inspections are used to monitor this network, communities are still disturbed by noise, polluting CO2 […]