Orbital Eye Presents at ‘Congreso de Mantenimiento’ in Tarragona

This week, Arnaud and Afonso attended the ‘Congreso de Mantenimiento’ in Tarragona, by invitation of Enagás.

We learned about the latest updates around pipeline monitoring in Spain, we presented about COSMIC-EYE and the fruitful collaboration we’ve been having with Enagas during the past years. Besides, we presented how COSMIC-EYE is the way forward for monitoring hydrogen pipelines.

With the growing interest in sustainable energy, more and more existing gas infrastructure is transformed into hydrogen pipelines, and several new hydrogen pipelines are constructed as well. The impact of damage to a hydrogen pipeline can be way larger than the impact on gas pipelines, which is why those pipelines need more frequent monitoring. Therefore, pipeline operators are actively looking for sustainable monitoring solutions to keep these pipelines safe. We presented how satellite-based monitoring with COSMIC-EYE offers both frequent and sustainable monitoring!

We had a wonderful time at the congress, and here are some image highlights from our time at the conference and in the beautiful city of Tarragona.

¡Adiós! 🇪🇸