Orbital Eye Presents at ‘Congreso de Mantenimiento’ in Tarragona

This week, Arnaud and Afonso attended the ‘Congreso de Mantenimiento’ in Tarragona, by invitation of Enagás.

We learned about the latest updates around pipeline monitoring in Spain, we presented about COSMIC-EYE and the fruitful collaboration we’ve been having with Enagas during the past years. Besides, we presented how COSMIC-EYE is the way forward for monitoring hydrogen pipelines.

With the growing interest in sustainable energy, more and more existing gas infrastructure is transformed into hydrogen pipelines, and several new hydrogen pipelines are constructed as well. The impact of damage to a hydrogen pipeline can be way larger than the impact on gas pipelines, which is why those pipelines need more frequent monitoring. Therefore, pipeline operators are actively looking for sustainable monitoring solutions to keep these pipelines safe. We presented how satellite-based monitoring with COSMIC-EYE offers both frequent and sustainable monitoring!

We had a wonderful time at the congress, and here are some image highlights from our time at the conference and in the beautiful city of Tarragona.

¡Adiós! 🇪🇸

PTC Berlin 2023 – We are here!

And we’re here! 🇩🇪

Excited to be at the 18th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) in Berlin! It will be a few interesting days of catching up with industry trends and old and new contacts.

Besides, Arnaud van den Berg and Afonso Duarte will be happy to discuss the latest developments at Orbital Eye and to talk about how more and more pipeline operators are adopting satellite-based monitoring.

Orbital Eye Attends ‘Congreso AEM 2023’ in Tarragona, Spain

We’re thrilled to announce that Orbital Eye will be attending ‘Congreso AEM 2023’ in Tarragona, Spain from May 17th to May 19th, organized by the Spanish Maintenance and Monitoring Association AEM.

At the conference, Orbital Eye will be presenting about how it has deployed its satellite-based monitoring solution to the Spanish gas pipeline operator Enagás. Besides, Arnaud and Afonso, who represent the OE team, will give more insight into how any type of critical infrastructure can be kept safe through satellite-based monitoring.

So, if you’re attending Congreso AEM 2023, we’d love to meet you there and chat about satellite-based monitoring for critical infrastructure.

Orbital Eye Welcomes Four New Members to the Team and Reveals Exciting Company Traditions

You might have seen quite a few job postings by Orbital Eye in the past months – as we see our customer base growing rapidly, we have also been working hard to grow our team to be able to serve our customers in the best way possible, and to keep optimizing our technology! 🚀

We are happy to announce the start of four new colleagues in the past month: Afonso Duarte joined the commercial team as a business developer and Panagiotis Pomakis joined the operational team as a geospatial data analyst & customer success specialist. We also grew our technical team, with Christophe Cosse starting as a software developer, and Maria Papadomanolaki as a Machine Learning Engineer. Welcome onboard – we are very excited to have all of you on the team! 💐

As is the ‘tradition’ at Orbital Eye, every new employee gets onboarded with a day in the field, in which activities, detected by our satellite-based monitoring solution, are checked and verified! There is no better way to understand exactly what our system is capable of detecting than by seeing the activities in the field – on the pictures you can see Panos and Christophe during their field-trip, and some of the activities that were verified that day. 🏗

Currently, we have another open position for a geospatial data analyst & customer success specialist (dutch-speaking). Do you want to join this fun and fast-growing team as well? Check out the position (https://lnkd.in/gSpqB8XW) and apply!

Orbital Eye Expands: Training in Poland and Monitoring in Spain

Orbital Eye on the road! 🇵🇱🇪🇸

Last week, Orbital Eye was in Poland to give training for the Cosmic-EYE software to a new customer for which we recently started monitoring its pipelines. This week, we visited Nedgia, grupo Naturgy in Barcelona, to discuss the first results of the deployment of CoSMiC-EYE for monitoring part of Nedgia’s pipeline network.


Side benefit of Orbital Eye’s growing customer base is that the Orbital Eye team gets to explore new cities and countries all over the world! 🌎

Orbital Eye Attends PTC 2023 in Berlin

We are happy to announce that we will be attending the upcoming Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) 2023 in Berlin, from 8th to 11th of May.

Last year, at the PTC 2022, Alexander Blauw and Arnaud van den Berg gave a presentation on the results of two operational deployments of satellite-based monitoring with CoSMiC-EYE: one deployment in Trinidad and Tobago, and one deployment in the Netherlands.

Since then, we have continued to grow at a fast pace, providing operational monitoring for several more pipeline operators worldwide – we are looking forward to sharing more about this with the pipeline community! And of course, we will be interested to learn more and discuss about the latest pipeline industry trends and innovations at the PTC.

We hope to see you there!

Farewell to Stijn: A Hummus-Fueled Celebration

Yesterday, the Orbital Eye team had a fantastic dinner at a hummus restaurant located in the city center of Delft. The choice for a hummus restaurant was easy since it’s Stijn Hoefsloot’s favorite food. Legend says it runs through his veins. Sadly, Stijn’s time at Orbital Eye has come to an end, as he’s now embarking on a journey to explore more of the world and discover the most divine hummus recipes ever created by humankind.

We want to thank Stijn for his contributions to Orbital Eye, and for always bringing a positive spirit into the office. Best of luck on your future adventures!

Orbital Eye Monitors Pipeline Safety After Train Accident in the Netherlands

Last week, a tragic train accident occurred in the Netherlands, caused by a collision with a small construction crane that was on the train track.
As a provider of advanced monitoring solutions, Orbital Eye is closely monitoring the affected area where some of our customers’ pipelines are located. With our satellite-based monitoring solution, we detected not only the derailed train wagons but also the aftermath of the train incident. This means that our customers can keep an eye on the repair works taking place and if these works are affecting their pipeline. For example, we detected that the vehicles and machines used for the repair works are brought on-site via a newly created access road, which runs over the pipeline.

Orbital Eye Partners with Climate Space NL to Combat Methane Emissions

“Orbital Eye, a logical partner”

In this article, published by Climate Space NL, Arnaud explains why Orbital Eye has joined the Climate Space NL consortium.

Climate Space NL offers an independent emission monitoring system that uses satellite data to detect greenhouse gas emissions at the source level. The result: about 35 times more accurate observations than current observations, made possible by the special Dutch knowledge in this area.

For Orbital Eye it was logical to join the consortium, as many of our current customers are continuously looking for ways to locate and quantify methane emissions – in an attempt to reduce these emissions. Within the consortium, we can share the wishes and requirements of these customers, that will be end-users of the emission monitoring system, and in this way contribute to a solution that can help reduce global methane emissions!

Orbital Eye Ready to Support Hydrogen Infrastructure Transition with CoSMiC-Eye

In this article, it is described that EU countries have agreed on building a hydrogen-fueling infrastructure by 2030. TNO concludes that for the Netherlands this will result in substantial demand, requiring an average supply per fueling station of 2 tons per day.

Meeting this demand, in the long run, will only be sustainable with hydrogen supply by pipeline. Therefore, re-purposing the gas pipeline network for hydrogen in NL needs to be further accelerated to meet these new EU targets.

We can reassure that Orbital Eye is fully ready to fulfill the extended monitoring requirements associated with the transport of hydrogen through the existing natural gas infrastructure with our satellite-based monitoring solution CoSMiC-Eye and are committed to making this transition to hydrogen-driven transport possible in a safe and responsible way!