Tasking optimization of high-resolution satellites

Orbital Eye uses 2 types of satellite data for effective pipeline monitoring; Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and optical data. A high temporal SAR analysis is performed for the full pipeline network to detect Third Party Interferences (TPIs) near the network.

Disadvantage of SAR? You can detect a change, but not always the exact cause.

So why not just use high-resolution imagery instead of radar?

✅ SAR data can be used in the presence of clouds
✅ SAR data is free, high-resolution images are not

To complement the SAR data, we order high-res images, but only for the areas where the SAR has detected potential TPIs, to avoid unnecessary tasking of high-res satellites. This calls for a classic optimization approach: how to cover the maximum number of radar TPIs with the minimum amount of high-res km2, taking into account various constraints and environmental parameters.

Using advanced optimization algorithms, such as differential evolution, particle swarm optimization and various other genetic algorithms, our in-house developed automated tasking tool is able to find the best possible areas to be submitted for tasking by a high-res satellite. The implementation of this tool is a big step forward to further enhance the scalability of our pipeline monitoring solution CoSMiC-EYE.


Christmas arrived in Delft!

Last Saturday, the yearly Christmas market at Science [&] Technology took place. This year, Orbital Eye treated all visitors with wine, cheese, and other delicacies, & all visitors went home with a customized Orbital Eye frisbee! 🍷 🧀
Thanks to all colleagues, partners and customers for visiting, it was great fun!! 😊


Orbital Eye joined GESIP meeting in Paris

Today, Ana Stavreva and Arnaud van den Berg visited Paris to give a presentation about Orbital Eye and CoSMiC-EYE at the Gesip, the organization that sets the industry standards for transport pipeline operators. It was great to see many French pipeline operators join the meeting and to discuss with them how CoSMiC-EYE could add value to their monitoring procedures. 🇫🇷

Of course we couldn’t resist to also take some pictures of Third Party Interferences we encountered in Paris. And as a bonus we walked into the Christmas market in La Defense! 🎄

Terravisie Project – Detection of malpractises and environmental crime

Did you know that Orbital Eye’s core technology, to detect relevant activities in SAR satellite data, has many more impactful applications than just pipeline monitoring?

One example is the Earth Observation (EO) based monitoring solution Terravisie, which is aimed at monitoring large scale earthworks at a national scale to detect malpractises and environmental crime. Orbital Eye is part of the consortium, together with 52impact, Sobolt and Science [&] Technology, that developed this service. Our role is to apply our radar technology to flag locations where activities take place involving large scale earth/raw material moving, after which our consortium partners assess those locations further to provide information on the type of material and volume involved. Truly a great example of what can be achieved when multiple specialist companies join forces to create something unique.

Working on MIT project with our partner Ellipsis Drive

Yesterday we visited our partner Ellipsis Drive in their offices in Ede to work together on the final stages of our MIT cooperation grant funded by the Provincie Zuid-Holland.

In this project, our expertise on applying machine learning to satellite data for monitoring solutions is combined with Ellipsis’ expertise on efficient infrastructure solutions for storing geospatial data. This makes it easily sharable and efficiently accessibly for machine learning purposes.

Great to meet face-to-face again and have some hands-on time together to build cool things! 😎

Orbital Eye visited Enagas in Spain

Yesterday, Elizabeth Antonopoulou, Ana Stavreva and Arnaud van den Berg visited Enagás at its headquarters in Madrid, where they discussed the current, and future partnership, between Enagas and Orbital Eye.

We were happy to finally meet our Enagás contacts, Ignacio de Cea Sarabia and Carlos Gómez Campo in person and enjoy some tapas y cervezas together as well! 🥘🎉

Next stop: Nedgia, grupo Naturgy in Barcelona! 🌞


10-year anniversary celebration in France!

Last weekend, we all went together on a trip to northern France to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Orbital Eye with the team. We strengthened the bond between each other while learning a lot about French history. Three days full of emotions and unforgettable memories like indoor skydiving, a city tour in Lille, tasting French cuisine in fabulous restaurants, nights out, games in a castle, and many more. What’s next? The holiday is over, so it is time to get back to our normal lives and work even harder than before!

Mariann Alber is joining Orbital Eye as an UX Design intern

We are happy to announce that a new member is joining the team! Mariann Alber started last week as an UX Design intern at Orbital Eye and below you can see what she shared with us 😊

“Hi, I am Mariann Alber, a second-year UX Design student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The Netherlands has become a favorite place of mine after living in multiple countries during the last three years. The open-mindedness of its people and the nature of the country charmed me.

I enjoy spending my free time outside with my partner and family or playing board games together. My favorite way to relax is by putting puzzles together or playing adventure games on my Nintendo Switch. To expand my skills and challenge myself, I am always up for trying new things, like running 16km in the mud or going waterskiing. The best part about UX design for me is prototyping, I can get lost in time when I begin with it. I could do that for the rest of my life.

It will be my pleasure to put my skills to work as the first UX Design intern at Orbital Eye for the next five months. I’m eager to gain new experience and knowledge at a high-tech company. My goal is to attain a deep understanding of the workflow and create a visua

Field inspection of Third-Party Interferences

Last week our data scientist Alessandro Marzo and M&S intern Ana Stavreva joined in the field inspection round of Third-Party Interferences (TPI) detected by our CoSMiC-EYE pipeline monitoring solution. These inspection rounds are part of our continuous system improvement and validation efforts and are used to test new service features under real-life conditions.
For Alessandro and Ana, it is a great opportunity to experience the solution they are working on firsthand as if being an end-user. This allows them to better understand and appreciate the needs and requirements of our customers which will in turn lead to services optimally tailored to our customers’ needs.

Although, the cloudy sky’s look quite threatening in the photos, Alessandro and Ana were lucky and kept their feet muddles this time.

A new member in the commercial team

This summer, Ana Stavreva joined the commercial team of Orbital Eye. Welcome, Ana, we are happy to have you on-board! Below an introduction by Ana:

“My name is Ana Stavreva, and I am a third year business student at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Coming from Bulgaria, I increase the team diversity of Orbital eye even further. I am the person who will try to stay positive during tough times and will try to make you laugh. If I am not sleeping or working, I am probably hitting the gym or cooking something healthy. If you spend a whole day with me, you will learn a lot about my eating habits, so I am this weird person in the office who eats veggies, yogurt, chicken breasts, and other healthy stuff that no one will choose. In my free time, I like hiking, staying in the sun with friends, and traveling around the world.

Currently, I am in the last year of my bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Working in a high-tech company mainly with people with a technical background can possibly be a challenge, that I cannot wait to dive into. By joining the commercial team, I will strive to contribute to the international growth of Orbital Eye. I am very motivated for this, and look forward to expanding my network and gain working experience!”