TPI Tuesday – Collapsing river bank detected

This time, we want to showcase the detection of an event related to the flood that happened in the Netherlands this summer. In Limburg, the floods caused the collapsing of a riverbank, which led to pipeline exposure, which in turn led to a leakage. You can read all about it in this news article:

In the news article, it says that the pipeline exposure and leakage was detected in the morning on Monday the 19th of July via a routine control activity. Orbital Eye analysed radar images for this location, and saw the event was already visible on radar images of Saturday the 17th of July.

What do we see in the GIF?

  • In the background: high-resolution optical images of before, and after the river bank collapsed.
  • In the pop-up picture on the left: radar images, and the change detection image, where the change is the collapsing of the river bank.
  • In the pop-up picture on the right: Sentinel-2 images of before and after the event. These are medium-resolution optical images, but the collapse can be seen here as well. At Orbital Eye, we combine data from different satellites to detect events. However, in this case we see that the event was detected in 3 different satellite types!Next TPI Tuesday, we demonstrate what we detected at this location after the detection of the river bank collaps. Stay tuned!