TPI Tuesday – Benefits of Satellite Based Pipeline Monitoring #1: Operational Efficiency

We bring efficiency: monitoring pipelines by aerial- or ground patrol is time-consuming. Every part of the network needs to be checked to mitigate hazardous activities. Orbital Eye monitors entire pipeline networks without the need to visit each and every location…

Monitoring from space: the satellite-based monitoring solution CoSMiC-EYE, developed by Orbital Eye, automatically checks for any activities in the pipeline network:
✅ CoSMiC-EYE detects and locates a threat close to the pipeline’
✅ Operators are notified in time;
✅ Pipeline companies can ensure that resources are spent only on locations where it matters

Benefits illustrated: This TPI Tuesday shows how Third Party Interferences (TPIs) are detected along this pipeline network – and within seconds the pipeline operators can go from one TPI to the next TPI, by just zooming out and in again. CoSMiC-EYE thus allows pipeline operators to save time and resources when monitoring the pipeline – increasing operational efficiency!