TPI Tuesday – Benefits of Satellite Based Pipeline Monitoring #2: Monitoring of remote areas

Monitoring remote areas in seconds: pipeline networks are often spread over large areas and run through different types of landscapes; from dense forests and mountains to seaside areas. Frequent monitoring of the remote areas by ground patrolling is challenging, due to the travel time, fuel costs and inaccessibility of locations. However, satellites can monitor even the most remote parts of the network multiple times per week within seconds!

Benefits of CoSMiC-EYE
✅ Monitoring remote areas multiple times per week within seconds, independent of the landscape type and accessibility

✅ Reduces travel time and fuel costs, only visit remote areas on-site areas when it’s necessary

✅ Due to the reduced fuel usage, increase sustainability of monitoring

Benefits illustrated: This TPI Tuesday shows 2 Third Party Interferences (TPIs) that posed a potential threat and were detected in the most remote parts of the network of one of Orbital Eye’s customers, where ground patrol on a frequent basis is very challenging