Situational Awareness under all weather conditions

Today we highlight the radar based capabilities of CoSMiC-EYE. The radar cuts through the clouds and provides situational awareness under any circumstances. Often clouds obscure the view of optical satellites, as was the case at this location in the Netherlands on the 7th of April. On the last cloudless image of the 2nd of March no activity had started. Our radar analysis notified the customer about this activity already on the 20th of March and again on the 8th of April. A fully cloudless image could only be provided on the 9th of April. Therefore, the radar-based technology of CoSMiC-EYE created an alert almost 3 weeks in advance of the optical satellites.

A monitoring service should be weather independent to provide consistent and reliable reports. At the core of CoSMiC-EYE is a Sentinel-1 radar-based algorithm that can satisfy this constraint and serve customers worldwide under all weather conditions.

For all the insights on our radar technology, you can read our white paper here: