TPI Tuesday – Agricultural activity detected

In today’s TPI Tuesday, we see an agricultural activity that was detected by the CoSMiC-EYE system. Routine agricultural activities like planting, plowing, and harvesting, don’t pose a threat to the pipeline integrity, and hence, even though they can be detected by the system, they are not reported to our customers.

In this case, though, the activity was reported, since it can be seen that apart from the vegetation clearance, a digging activity also took place in the field. On the left, the radar signal is depicted before and after the digging activity, and on the right, we see the high-resolution images, followed by the change blob that was created by our algorithms as a result of the change in SAR images.

Interesting fun: there are many other ‘special’ agricultural cases that have been detected by the CoSMiC-EYE system. If you are interested in receiving more examples, please send an email to!