TPI Tuesday – Road Repairs Detected

In today’s TPI Tuesday, we present an example of where road repairs on top of a pipeline were detected.

In the top-right picture, you can see the SAR-imagery that was analysed and in which the activity was detected. The CoSMiC-EYE technology automatically analyses a series of SAR-imagery over time, to check for any changes, resulting in a ‘change blob’, which you can also see in the top-right picture. When a change is detected, several filters are applied to filter out irrelevant changes – as you can imagine, a car parked on top of a pipeline running through a city usually doesn’t pose a threat to the pipeline, and this change will therefore be filtered out. However, a car which is parked close to a pipeline in the middle of a forest, for example at the location of today’s TPI Tuesday, is unusual and should not be filtered out – Orbital Eye, therefore, applies different filters for different types of terrain, distinguishing between for example agricultural, urban and industrial areas.