TPI Tuesday – Roadworks Detected

In this TPI Tuesday, we see the detection of roadworks by radar.

The radar image shown at the right displays a change in amplitude in an agricultural area. The resulting filtered change map as seen on the left indicates potential danger. To classify whether the threat is real, Orbital Eye tries to acquire high-resolution optical imagery of the area.

As seen in the optical imagery shown afterward, a pathway is constructed. The network operator had to go by and discovered a concrete path being poured on top of the pipeline. In the end, the network was not damaged, but by the service of Cosmic-Eye, the operator found out about this potential threat and could discuss future plans with the constructing party. These kinds of activities are very easily spotted with our satellite service and are very hard to find with car patrol. Because of our detection, the constructing party now knows that they cannot start working without consent, which word will spread to other companies in the neighborhood. This way, CoSMiC-EYE also has a preventative effect!