TPI Tuesday – Shed Construction Detected

We often get the question what kind of activities we are able to detect with the CoSMiC-EYE monitoring technology and what the minimum size of an object should be before the radar satellite can detect an event. This question is very relevant, as the resolution of the Sentinel-1 satellite is 10 meter, which could make you think that objects or activities need to be at least 10 meter big before we can detect it.

However, we have many examples of where we detected an object or activity that it far smaller than 10 meters. This is mainly because our algorithms are also able to pick up scattering characteristics, and the phase, of the radar signal. The polarisation and phase of the radar signal tells something about the type of activity or event – which we also use to filter out irrelevant activities.

Today we present an example of a small shed that we detected in Trinidad and Tobago. What do we see in the GIF?

  • An on-site picture of the shed (which is far smaller than 10 meter!)
  • The radar imagery (with different polarisations) that was analysed to construct the change-blob and detect the shed
  • High-resolution optical imagery of before and after the shed was constructed

The data in this post was provided by several of our partners: