CoSMiC-EYE for PTT Thailand!

We are proud to announce that we have also expanded our services to Asia, as we started monitoring in Thailand! We are now monitoring over 2500 kilometers of PTT Public Company Limited‘s pipeline network with CoSMiC-EYE, to detect any potentially hazardous activities close to the pipeline. PTT Public Company Limited is the Thai national oil and gas company, engaged in supplying, transporting, and distributing oil and gas. By integrating CoSMiC-EYE into their monitoring processes, PTT increases pipeline safety, and at the same time is a front-runner when it comes to sustainable monitoring!

Monitoring such a large pipeline network is the next big achievement for Orbital Eye. Starting with small pilots in which we monitored just a couple of 100 kilometers, to now monitoring national gas transportation networks required a lot of team effort and dedication, but we are proud that we have successfully made this step! Our partnerships with Geoserve BV and SkyWatch also play an important role in this – also for this project those partners ensure the continuous acquisition and delivery of high-resolution optical satellite data from PlanetAirbus, and SuperView satellites.

We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration with PTT and contributing to pipeline safety in yet another continent!