TPI Tuesday – Storage Activity Detected

This week in TPI Tuesday we show an example of where we detected a big pile of sand on top of the pipeline. Although the chance that the pipeline will be directly damaged by this is only small, the storage of materials on top of a pipeline causes increased stress on the pipeline, which can influence the condition of the pipeline. Therefore our customers want to be aware of these kind of activities as well, so they can take the necessary actions to have the materials removed.

Next to actively monitoring storage activities on top of pipelines, Orbital Eye can also look back in time and report storage activities that have taken place over the past years. Pipeline operators use this data to get more insight into possible causes of leakages that occur – or to determine which parts of a pipeline should be prioritised for maintenance. As you can imagine, the more materials have been stored on top of a pipeline, the more likely it is that the condition of that pipeline has deteriorated.

If you want to know more about how Orbital Eye can do an historical analysis of events that have taken place at a specific location, feel free to send an email to!