TPI Tuesday – Groundworks detected

Today we show another example of a TPI that involves groundworks, which is typically the type of activity that forms the largest threat to pipelines. In many countries, companies or individuals are therefore required to request a permit for doing such activities. For example, in the Netherlands, activities that involve groundworks need to be registered via a so-called ‘KLIC-melding’.

In our monitoring solution, we can integrate data about registered ground works – this enables our customers to conveniently check whether or not a TPI can be linked to one of these registered ground works. If a TPI can be linked to a registered ground-work, all available data for that ground work, such as the duration, the exact works taking place, and the company or individual undertaking that activity, is presented on the CoSMiC-EYE platform.

This in turn reduces costs and effort for operators, as they can find all data available for a TPI in one place – the CoSMiC-EYE platform -, and they can follow exactly when a registered ground work actually starts and ends.