TPI Tuesday – Tree clearing detected

In this weeks episode we discuss a case of third party interference involving the clearance of trees. This type of activities can be particularly risky for underground utilities and critical infrastructure, especially when also the tree stumps are being removed.

Although, vegetation and deforestation monitoring are some of the more known applications of satellites in the context of third party risk management it is not the vegetation change, but the activity that caused it, that is relevant. This is simply because the activity might involve heavy machinery that has the potential to damage your infrastructure.

Orbital Eye’s CoSMiC-EYE solution monitors critical infrastructure using radar satellites, especially optimized to detect these type of third party activities early on, so there is still time for risk mitigation.

The image below shows before and after satellite imagery for a piece of land from which all trees and vegetation is cleared. The three insets on top detail the kind of info that can be extracted from sentinel-1sentinel-2 and high-res optical satellite data. While Sentinel-1 provides the all-weather capability to detect the preparation or start of an activity on this location, both Sentinel-2 and High-Res optical data prove very valuable in assessing the type, exact nature and extent of the activity.

Orbital Eye combines all this information coming from different sources in their use-case tailored solutions!