Completed internship Ingmar

Last week we said goodbye to our intern Ingmar Boshuizen with a lunch and a drink at the office. After an internship of 5 months at Orbital Eye, Ingmar is returning to the TU Delft to finish his master in Aerospace Engineering.

Thanks Ingmar for all the good work you did, it was great to have you in the team!

Below a small testimonial of Ingmar about his internship:

In the past couple of months, I did an internship project at Orbital Eye into the improvement of the location stability of the SAR-CCD algorithm. An important parameter in this research was the Equivalent Number of Looks. I found a way to get a stable estimate of this parameter based on the radar data. By making it dependent of the latitude, it can be estimated for all customers of Orbital Eye.
I would like to thank the team of Orbital Eye for making me feel welcome and involved in the team from the start of the internship. Furthermore, I would like to thank Alexander Blauw for his time and guidance during the project and Sven van Haver for giving me the opportunity to work at Orbital Eye. I enjoyed my time at Orbital Eye and would definitely consider working here when I finish my studies.