John Isles 5 years at Orbital Eye

Celebration at Orbital Eye! 🎂

Last week, we digitally celebrated that our system architect John Isles is with us for 5 years. John has developed the infrastructure behind our cloud-based monitoring solution, ensuring that our customers always have access to a stable and safe application! Besides, in office times, John often took his dog Rocky to the office to bring some entertainment 🐶.

Some other cool facts about John, remote working is nothing new for him. He has been working for Orbital Eye while taking a trip to the North Cape in his van, which is fully equipped to serve as a mobile office. Besides, John has done a canoe trip on Canada’s longest river, traveling more than 1500 kilometers by canoe!🌍

We are looking forward to having John with us for many more years. Congratulations, John!🥂