Phase 2 of SBIR Bouwfasen is awarded to Orbital Eye consortium

Great news! After successfully completing the 1st phase of the ‘SBIR Bouwfasen’ together with our partners Science [&] Technology and 52impact, the 2nd phase of this SBIR has been awarded to our consortium as well by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)!

In the 1st phase, we did a feasibility study on to what extent it is possible to detect and identify different phases on a construction site, such as ground works, placing foundation, main construction works and completion of construction works, using on satellite data.

Orbital Eye contributed to this study by developing and applying a machine learning algorithm based on radar satellite data, to predict the transitions of different phases within large construction areas.

In the 2nd phase, we will further develop this capability and apply it to multiple construction sites. We are looking forward to it!